Daniel / Violet

“That’s One” Amazing Catch Phrase

The new catch phrases around here are exploding seemingly overnight.

Violet says everything is “lovely”.  Our uncle.  Her pink stuffed bunny.  A good trip down a slide at the park.  (She stands up, dusts off her pants and says, “That was lovely.”)

Daniel uses “that’s one…” (fill in the blank) in approximately every other sentence.  (“That’s one beautiful day, Mommy!”  “That’s one good plate of food.”  “That’s one delicious apple.”)

They both still use “capiche”.  Much to my joy and delight.

They also both still say “definitely” all. the. time.  (“If I were a french fry you’d definitely eat me because I was so cute.”  “If I were in a war I’d definitely come home to Arizona.”  “If you were a squirrel, I’d definitely not eat you.”)  Those are actual quotes.

Violet has just started using the word “appreciate” all over the place.  (“When I grow up, I want to be a princess.  I really appreciate princesses.”)

Violet’s other phrase (that Daniel uses at times too) is one she learned from Fernando and me.  It goes a little something like this:  “Mama knows, child… Mama knows.”  And it is absolutely hilarious when your three-year-old repeats it back to you in content.  (“Mommy, may I have a snack please?  You can make me whatever you think I’d like because ‘Mama knows, child… Mama knows.'”)

In the absence of an actual “catch phrase” photo, I’ll just include a recent shot of the kiddos.  Because…

  • “That’s one cute photo, Mommy.”
  • “I definitely appreciate the adorableness in this picture.”
  • “It’s lovely, capiche?”
  • “Yes it is.  Mama knows, child… mama knows.”




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