Super Secret Spy

Daniel’s obsession with all-things-spy has turned out to be a bit more than a passing craze.  Thanks largely to the old Spy Kids movies (and newer remake) I believe we have many more months ahead of us of finding taped “gadgets” all over the house.  (Except that he cannot pronounce the word gadget – he insists on calling them “gad-gens”, even knowing he is wrong.)

He cuts out small circles and rectangles, subdivides them into quadrants, draws in various gadgets and powers and tapes them onto glasses/watches/belts/shoes/chairs/couches/walls/you-get-the-idea to transform the ordinary into the spy-strodinary.

His spy moves are more impressive by the day, including his now famous tuck-and-roll behind the couch.  The only things more impressive than his spy moves are his spy sound effects – a dizzying collection of “whooshes”, “zings” and ambiguous explosive sounds.

His big Christmas gift is a set of spy gear (you know, the one currently beeping every ten minutes from it’s wrapped position under the Christmas tree…).  I know the obsession will only amplify once he has a REAL set of plastic fake gadgets.

There aren’t enough memory cards in the world for my camera to document the spy-mania happening at the Amaro house.  It is precious and honestly, I’ll miss it once it has passed.  I managed to capture a few details of the most consuming era in Daniel history since the AstroBoy years…


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