Leopard Noises and Other Really Important Things

My son does the best leopard imitation I have ever heard.  Bar none.

He also likes to watch himself flare his nostrils in the mirror.  Occasionally he speaks in a language all his own – Rhyme Hyme – and teaches me phrases that constantly change.

He spent three days this week teaching himself how to snap.  (He succeeded.)

Before tossing a dirty dish in the sink, he asks, “Any sink today?” so as to make sure he doesn’t put his dirty dish on other clean ones.

He consistently confuses the order of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  (I maintain that our frequent consumption of pancakes for dinner plays NO role in this…)

His idea of a good joke often consists of him making up a poem and having the very last word NOT rhyme.

He was so entranced by the snow scene from the Nutcracker that he declared that he wanted to marry one of the dancers.  He immediately informed us that it was his Lego guy talking, not him.

He can make his own jelly toast now.

When he begins to color anything, he subdivides the space so as to give himself more spaces to color.

If the little things are really the big things, then we have a lot of big things going on lately at the Amaro house.



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