The Letter P

This week’s letter was “P”. This was our first real “extend the time” letter – P was so much fun, with so much potential. We hung out on this letter for 3 weeks!

A few favorite moments:

Photo Feb 25, 11 09 10 PMP is for Picasso – The kids absolutely loved this. We read about him, identified some of our favorite paintings of his and then created our own Picasso-inspired masterpiece featuring cut out facial features, glued on in strange ways!

P is for Psalms – I introduced the concept of Psalms, and we found some that portrayed different emotions and different ways of talking to God. Violet took it a step farther, playing piano and writing her own Psalms!

P is for Piano – A little extra time on the piano this week, just for fun. The kids enjoy hearing me play and I LOVE when they experiment on their own with the sounds. We listened to quite a bit of background piano music too.

P is for Paper Planes – Fernando had previously purchased a book on how to make amazing paper airplanes for the kids. We made good use of it this week, creating the various types of planes and racing them at the park.

P is for Polite Plan – We developed a sticker system called the “Polite Plan” that involved me adding stickers to each child’s section on the paper when I caught them being extra polite with their sister/brother without them knowing I was watching! We read a bunch of books on politeness, discussed the reasons behind it, and practiced it.

P is for Puzzles – We worked a few more puzzles than usual now that the letter “P” seemed to warrant it.

P is for Pumpkin – Fall is here, so we purchased a few small pumpkins to decorate the house and let the kids color on (Daniel created a “family” pumpkin, drawing each of us on the sides).

P is for Pet Loss – This one was unexpected (obviously) but we lost our dear family cat this week. The conversations surrounding this experience (and about pets in general) were good.

P is for Prince of Egypt – This was just a movie that started with “P” that we put on during hair day. It became a runaway favorite of the kids and launched us into the craziest thematic unit based around the movie/story. We dove into Hieroglyphics (again), geography of Egypt, how to make mummies, the true/false elements of the movie in comparison to the Bible, and so much more.

P is for Poetry – We enjoyed our daily poetry and continued by actually writing our own poems! The kids had a blast.

P is for Pennies – We began teaching Daniel about counting money, beginning with pennies and nickels.

Other P Fun: Pudding, Play Dough, Painting, Pancakes, P-themed Picnics, Planets, Pooh Corner (new chapter book)


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