Hair / Violet

Flat Twist Beaded Pigtails

I’m increasingly convinced that most little girls are hardwired to love accessories.  Decorations.  Pretty things.

Violet loves beads in her hair.  They are not great for the health of her hair (her ends, specifically) but they are certainly something we can do from time to time as a treat.

This style took longer than I was expecting (I consistently underestimate the amount of time beading will take!) but held up beautifully for two weeks.

She runs through the house, shaking her head and listening to the sound of those beautiful beads.

As an added bonus:  I know where she is at all times and if/when she is getting into trouble.  It’s a wonderful perk of beads!

I initially did this style with snaps at the ends to avoid the use of rubber bands, but they just don’t hold up for multiple days in a row (and I tire quickly of chasing runaway beads around the house).  So we switched to a banded bead at the end and they held up beautifully.

Fun update!  This style was featured on Beads, Braids and Beyond – one of the many fabulous hair blogs out there!


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