Constant Confirmation

Our decision to homeschool is affirmed a thousand times a day, in the tiniest of ways.

This morning it happened on the back porch.

I was sitting on the patio couch, still in pajamas and snuggled with a very sweet, sleepy Daniel.

Violet was playing on the swings, entertaining us with her jokes and tricks.

The birds sang… the hummingbirds hovered… the peace surrounded… and suddenly, the school bus brakes squealed to a stop not far from our house.

The relief that flooded me was unbelievable.  That my child was NOT on that bus.  That my child was NOT headed for a day spent in someone else’s care.  That I didn’t pack a backpack and have to say goodbye this morning.

I thanked God right then and there for this amazing privilege of educating my own kids, in the way that suits us best.



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