Chapter Book Love

One of my absolutely favorite parts about homeschooling has been the addition of chapter books to our world.

I suppose we would have done this anyway, but the literature curriculum we selected and use (loosely) was much bolder about the types of books to start reading now with the kids.  In a million years, I wouldn’t have thought they were ready for Boxcar Children or Beverly Cleary.  But after they absolutely adored Boxcar Children (a recommendation from the curriculum’s reading list) we grabbed an old favorite Beverly Cleary and the kids were soon in love with Ralph and his wonderful, magical motorcycle.

We read chapter books at naptime, with Violet snuggled into bed and Daniel playing legos on the floor next to her.  Sometimes it’s only a chapter, but often it’s more… as many as the kids request.

It’s only November 1st (we’ve only really been homeschooling for about two months), and these are the books we have gone through already:


Fernando read James and the Giant Peach (his pick!) over a series of breakfasts.  Mary on Horseback was a fascinating take on Mary Breckenridge, from the point of view of the patients she helped.  Here’s a Penny was Daniel favorite (by far) although The Mouse and the Motorcycle came in second.  Dolphin Adventure was a true story and welcome break from fiction.  The Boxcar Children was Violet’s favorite, and the first chapter book we read together.  My favorite was My Father’s Dragon – such beautiful writing and drawings.

I am still astounded at their ability to hang with complicated plots and come back for more.  I truly, truly have been underestimating those little brains.

Up next:  House on Pooh Corner and our first Magic Treehouse adventure!


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