I Heard an “S”

I heard an “S” today in an unexpected place.  And it’s not an exaggeration to say it nearly broke my heart.

Violet has been unable to say compound S’s for a long time (smash is mash, stinky is tinky, snake is nake, snow is noe, smell is mell, snack is nack… you get the idea.  I did a whole blog post about it a while ago.)  And a few times we have tried to correct it, but honestly it’s just so adorable we decided to let it be until she grew out of it.

I just never realized how attached I was to the sound of missing S’s until tonight.

Violet:  “Aaaahhhh!!!”  (This is her acting crazy and yelling while friends were over.)

Me: “Violet, what do you think I am going to say?”

Violet:  “No -creaming.”  (In barely a whisper, as to avoid conversation.)

Me:  “What, honey?  Can you be a little louder?” (As to encourage confession.)

Violet:  (Louder) “No s-creaming.”

I hadn’t meant her to repeat it so as to correct her pronunciation, but there it was, loud and clear, a resounding trumpet blast announcing the changing of the wind.  Little lady is growing up with or without my permission.

(Niff, niff).



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