Daniel / Violet

3 Avengers and a Princess

Dressing up for Halloween is one of our favorite things to do as a family (mostly because we do this on a regular basis without a holiday requiring it!).  But this year the decision was a bit more complicated…

Plan 1:  We would all be Avengers.  We had most of the helmet/shields/etc already in our dress up box AND Violet looked adorable in a Hulk mask and two giant green fists.  (Plus it was precious when she yelled, “Hulk Mash!” as she still cannot say “smash”.)

Problem:  While she liked the idea of us being a team, deep in her little heart she wanted to be a princess.  Cinderella, specifically.  When anyone asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween she took a big breath and said bravely (with a quaver in her voice), “I am going to be the Hulk because I want Daddy to be happy.”

Solution #1:  Fernando tried to convince her that the Hulk had a princess counterpart.  (Fail.)

Solution #2:  He told her that after Halloween, he’d buy her a Cinderella dress.  (Temporary success, but fleeting.)

Solution #3:  He told her that she could choose whatever she’d like to be for Halloween.  (Christmas-morning-esque success.)

Plan 2:  Daniel stuck to his original plan of being Captain America, Fernando was Iron Man, I was Thor (that dress up box can go a loooonnnggg way towards not spending money on Halloween costumes…), and Violet received a new Cinderella dress.  We decided she could be the princess either in charge of the Avengers, or who needed to be saved by the Avengers.  Still a team.


For the first time, we skipped the Fall Harvest Festival Type Activity and took the kids trick-or-treating.  As in, walk-around-a-neighborhood-ringing-doorbells trick-or-treating.  We met up with a group of families and our little swarm of children descended upon house by house in a friend’s neighborhood, nearly cleaning them out of candy each time.

We spent a good part of Halloween morning discussing manners, why we use polite words, and preparing them for saying “thank you!” each and every time someone handed them a piece of candy.  And yet (try to act surprised, please) they forgot at nearly every house.  They saw free candy and simply lost the ability to speak.  We sent them back each time to say thank you if they had forgotten, and Violet almost always scored more candy because she just stood there looking sweet while thinking of what to say and people couldn’t help themselves but give her doubles.

My favorite moment from the whole night was this:  Before sending him someone’s front walk, I pulled Daniel aside and said, “Please remember to say thank you, honey.  This is very important.”  He flashed a winning smile at me, gave me a thumbs up, and said, “I PROMISE, Mommy!”.  I waited on the sidewalk, watched him receive candy, and then begin to walk back towards me.  As his eyes met mine, he stopped dead in his tracks, let out the biggest sigh and hung his head, defeated.  He silently turned around went back to thank the neighbors.  Maybe it was the Captain America costume, but it was hilarious.  And precious.

The kids sorted their loot all the way home and in large piles on the kitchen floor.  They each selected the candy they would eat today (Daniel picked a mini Kit Kat bar and Violet decided on a Strawberry Laffy Taffy) and happily changed into pajamas to watch a movie with Daddy.

It was a good night.


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