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My Escape: Photography Trips

From time to time, I enjoy hopping on a plane and hanging out with my camera in a different city.  I have a strong independent streak, especially when it comes to traveling and this gives me the chance to stretch my muscles a bit.  It gives me a day or two away from “real life” to take a deep breath and think about the bigger picture.  It gives me a chance to re-charge my creative juices with new scenery and people.  It gives me a chance to build client bases in different cities.  And it gives me a chance to see some dear friends and catch up on each other’s lives.


This year, I headed to a few different places (Chicago!  Denver!) and most recently, Memphis.  It was record breaking in more than one way:  Temperatures in the high 30s and low 40s for every session, and I completed 9 full sessions inside of 72 hours.  It was a whirlwind, but a really fun one.

As much as I miss Fernando and the kids when I’m gone, these trips are so very good for me.  I return exhausted (in the good way) and highly aware of just how much I miss them when I’m away.  But having this kind of “me time” helps me to scratch my travel itch and keep me fresh for photography here in Arizona.  They help me stay in touch with myself which may sound silly, but I’m learning that when you are a homeschooling mom, your version of “self” can easily slip into a plural form.  This year it has been increasingly important to make sure that I have alone time occasionally – time to hear from God, time to reconnect with the friends I plan on keeping for a lifetime, and time for a kind of rest that doesn’t always happen at home.

These photography trips are adventures that I look forward to; traditions I plan to keep for a long, long time.



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