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The Letter C

This week’s letter was “C”.  It was a relaxed week in the sense of structured and prepared center time, but it was chock full of memorable moments together.

Here are a few of my favorites:

C is for Camping:  As in, camping in the backyard for a few nights.  The weather is perfect for it and we all managed to get great sleep too.  (Always a plus…)

C is for Camera:  We took the kids’ camera everywhere (grocery store, mountain hike, etc) and letting them take photos of all the things that start with C.  Daniel had fun with this one and came up with super creative ideas (ie:  “Care starts with C!  I need someone to show care to someone else so I can get a picture of it!”)

C is for Cactus:  We headed to the White Tanks for a day and brought the camera and a little cactus book with what various cactus look like.  As we found new ones, the kids looked up what kind it was.

C is for Cloud:  We started talking about cloud classification (cumulus, etc) but of course kept on with our own classification system too (“That one looks like a baby dragon hatching out of his egg!”).  While relaxing at the white tanks, we busted out some paper and crayons and let the kids draw whatever they felt like.  Daniel began to study the clouds and draw them.

C is for Caterpillar:  We made lots of little counting, matching and color games along these lines.

C is for Castle:  Fernando helped the kids design castles out of cardboard boxes to house their toy insects and/or princess toys.  The next morning, we glanced at a page in the kids’ encyclopedia about castles just for fun and before I knew it, Daniel threw a castle feast for all of us.  He was the Castle Cook and used his play food to prepare a traditional meal of squirrel stew and honey cakes. Violet was the minstrel and sang and danced her way through stories (we put on feudal-esque music in the background).  I was Lady Amaro, politely asking everyone to do my bidding.

C is for Curious George:  We rented the movie from the library and the kids had a ball watching it because they have now read the original four stories and listened to them on the computer.  This was just another medium to reinforce the story lines they already knew.

C is also for Carrie Fay.  Not that I let them forget it.  It was a good, good week.


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