Hair / Violet

Connected Braided Flat Rope Twists

Just another experimental style.  It honestly wasn’t my favorite final product, but it was a relatively quick style that held up beautifully for the week.

Violet loves having some kind of bang but hates having anything in her face, so this “one strand with a heart snap” thing was perfect.  We just swapped out the color of snap to match her current outfit.  This was our first attempt at doing the bang portion moving forward (towards her face) instead of towards the back of her head and I really like the outcome.  It’s super protective, sure, but it’s also ridiculously cute on her face shape.


The base stayed well with a few bobby pins and gave it a bit of a formal look (which is also practical in a state where it’s still stinking hot in October!)

Violet was super pleased with the style (and with the enormous rainbow sucker) so I suppose that’s what’s counts in the end!


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