Daniel / Violet

First Sleepover

I suppose this wasn’t the FIRST time a friend has slept over, now that I think about it.  But it really was our first “sleepover” in lots of ways.  Two of our favorite little friends came over for some overnight fun and everyone had an absolute ball.  (And this began our week about the letter “S” so it was extra fun for my A-type little brain.)

We made forts.  We made popcorn.  We watched movies from inside the aforementioned forts surrounded by the aforementioned popcorn.  We laughed.  We tickled.  We chased.  We had a late night dance party (complete with strobe light).  We avoided tears, fears and bad dreams.  We snuggled everyone into sleeping bags.  We told stories and sang songs.  We told four little friends to stop talking and go to sleep (about a hundred times).  And the biggest miracle of all:  We all (all!) slept for at least seven solid hours.

I’m grateful for the friends in my kids’ lives, and for the chance to be a part of the amazing memories they are making together.



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