Daniel / Homeschool

A Peek Inside His Brain

I love how Daniel’s brain work.  I don’t fully understand it (I’m pretty sure I never will) but the glimpses that I get are just beautiful.

Today he made me laugh when we were doing our centers.  One of the centers was a large dry-erase map of the world and today we were looking for each of our birth countries and states, for those us born in the USA.  So my goal was to have him locate Ethiopia, Mexico, Arizona and Texas.

Before I had even finished explaining, he quickly circled the countries, placed Xs on the cities and moved onto a more challenging activity:  Filling the ocean with sharks, whales, fish, divers and pirate ships.


I love when activities go in unplanned directions.  We still had fun with maps, we still played with the shapes of the continents and we had more than a little fun on the topic of ocean life.

I love his little mind.


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