Hair / Violet

French Braid Flat Twist Updo


I’m not sure why I’m still surprised that the best styles often happen by accident.

This was supposed to be flat twists into one giant flat twist, but it ended up coming out a little differently – and we were thrilled with the results.

Living in Phoenix, where Summer lasts FAR too long (and consequently, so does swim-cap-season) these protective updos are worth their weight in gold.  This one felt feminine, elegant and playful all at the same time.  And it fit under a swim cap effortlessly!  It looked good without the red bow, but Violet much preferred to have a very large accessory pinned to it at all times.

Another fun facet of this new world of black hair care is the community that surrounds it, particularly online.  One of my favorite bloggers, author of Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care invited me to guest post on her blog about this style.  It was a huge honor to be invited!  The post can be seen here, along with the “how to” steps for the style:


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