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San Diego: Fresh Start

Some vacations are more than vacations… they are symbolic.  Catalysts, even.

Our last trip to San Diego was the start of something new.  A transition from preschool to homeschool.  An opportunity for our family to hit the “reset” button.  A chance for my brain to wrap around the luxury of focusing on my kids – and not just while on vacation.  For the unforeseen future.

The sweet sea air was even sweeter and the memories even more wonderful.

We danced to outdoor concerts.  We gathered shells and napped on the beach.  We flew kites and picnicked lazily at the park.  We tried new things (Daniel: Boogie Board.  Carrie Fay: Henna Tattoo). We freaked out on high bridges and sang through the Muppets sound track way too many times. We ate the best Mexican food known to mankind.  We relished each other’s company more than ever.

We met up with dear friends of ours for a few days, explored new nooks and crannies of the city we visit so often and returned to Arizona absolutely energized for the months that lay ahead.

IMG_0539 IMG_0543


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