Hair / Violet

Flower Petal Updo


This style was one of the few we actually invented “from scratch”, at least insomuch as I hadn’t seen anyone actually do flower petals made from flat rope twists before.

We had good cause for a fancy updo:  A date with Daddy!  Violet was over the moon with excitement and wanted to make sure her hair and her dress were just right.  (Don’t worry… I didn’t let her wear the white slip on the date…)

IMG_1022 IMG_1020

The style was a quick one, albeit a little tricky to part.  It didn’t hold up as well as I’d hoped – next time I’ll try three layers in each flower petal to make the twists just a bit thinner.

I am loving how much more collaborative these post-style-mini-shoots are becoming.  Violet loves to brainstorm with me and select the perfect accessories and location for our photo sessions.  It is so much more fun when we’re both able to be creative!


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