Daniel / Violet

He Makes Her Laugh

No one prepares you for the absolute wonder of sibling love.  No one tells you about this part of parenting – that watching these two little beings love each other so deeply will rock your world.

Daniel and Violet are the perfect combination of brother and sister.  It matters not to them nor to the world that they don’t share one strand of DNA.  They play, love, fight, tease, tickle, irritate, admire, and (as all great sibling combinations do) find a large part of their identity in their relationship with each other.

From day one, he was proud of her.  He showed her off to anyone who’d look his way – he still does.  And from day one, she worshipped the ground he walked on.  She learns from his every move.  In so many ways, she has learned more from him than anyone else on earth, including us.

Lately, their relationship has become a silly one.  Not silly as in petty, but silly as in absolutely hilarious.  They make each other laugh easily and often, and Daniel particularly seems to enjoy evoking her silliest giggles.  He has become an expert and can leave her in joyful tears with the slightest facial expression.

There are few things as beautiful as hearing your children make each other laugh.  I have no idea why no one told us this.



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