Daniel / Violet

Who We Are

We are the Amaros.

Daddy-O = Fernando.  Mexican hottie.  Technology/Video/Social Media aficionado. Superdad.  Ministry man. Secretly wishes he had a giant beard… think: Whisker Wars… so he could hide stuff in his beard and surprise the kids.

Mommy-O = Carrie Fay.  Photographer.  Writer of this here blog.  Irish/English/and-a-whole-lotta-other-ethnicities.  Homeschooler.  Supremely nostalgic but cannot remember anything (especially if it’s important)… hence this blog.

The Boy = Daniel.  The firstborn.  Insanely creative.  Cautiously adventurous… like his mom.  Dashingly handsome… like his dad.  A natural leader and charmer.

The Girl = Violet.  Mari.  Maramawit.  Adopted and proud of it.  Whip smart.  Electric smile.  Naturally prone to outburts of dance and song at random intervals.  Pint size body, larger than life personality.

As individuals, we aren’t so bad.  But together… well, that’s altogether a different story.

We have something special going on here in the Amaro family.


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