Daniel / Violet


A new blog is like a giant blank canvas.  A new season.  A pen poised over a blank greeting card.  It’s like the day after Christmas when you are so tired of the decorations you pack them up in a “bring on January!” kind of fury.  Or maybe that’s just me.

So… welcome to our new blog!  These pages will document some of the too-many-to-count moments we love.

Let’s be honest:  Just about every post will feature the kiddos.  Because that’s just what you do when you are a parent:  You brag a little.  Or a lot.  Deal with it.

For example.  Look at how cute my children are this week.

But I’ll also be posting about recipes we love, vacations we take together, things we are discovering in our homeschooling adventure, the hair styles Violet and I come up with and other random thoughts as they occur.

If you are wanting to catch up on LBTPB (life before this particular blog, duh) then here you go:

All for Daniel was my first venture into the blogosphere, launched during my transition into motherhood.  It is a bit more current than Violet’s, and goes allllll the way back.

Shades of Violet chronicles the very start of Violet’s life and our adoption process – the videos of us meeting her and bringing her home, located on the side bar, are worth watching.

I should probably also say this:  While I am glad you (whoever you are) are reading this (or any of these posts) they aren’t written for you.  They are written for our family, to try and preserve these magical years as best we can.  Because I think we all know that my memory is completely worthless.

Daniel and Violet,

When you are old enough to appreciate the fact that Mom and Dad used to be cooler, these pages will mean something.  

When you are launching into the new adventure of life on your own or out-of-state college, these pages will mean something.  

When you are diving headfirst into marriage or parenthood and have some big questions, these pages will mean something.  

When you are wrestling with your faith and the meaning of it all, these pages will mean something.

When you feel alone and like you don’t belong anywhere, these pages will mean something.  They’ll remind you of a place you’ll always belong, and have always belonged. 

Until then you are just going to have to deal with an ever present mom-with-a-camera-in-your-face without understanding why she is so crazy.  

And for that, I apologize.  Halfheartedly.

With all my love…


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